The Opportunity Of a Lifetime

Every once in a while an opportunity will come to you or someone you know that will change a life. We are currently looking for a Team Leader in our Toronto Keller Williams Referred Realty office.

I am looking for a person who is looking for an opportunity, not a job!

This person is a top producer and has a track record of leadership. They have risen to the top of leadership positions in every area of their business, career and persional life. They are dynamic, attractive, and highly impressive. They are assertive, passionate, people orientated individuals who operate with high urgency.
They have strong communication skills and naturally connect with others. When people who know them descibe them, they point to their energy and passion as their most dominant charecteristics.
They have a burning desire to build a dominant real estate company in their market. They have a need to influence others. They can prove this through demonstrating where they have used their influence to recruit people to their previous companies or Keller Williams. They possess a strong desire to have a position where they lead and inflence others.
They naturall exhibit our WI4C2TS belief system in all of their dealings with people:
Win/Win -or no deal
Integrity- do the right thing
Customers- always come first
Commitment- in all things
Communication- seek first to understand
Creativity- ideas before results
Teamwork- together everyone achieves more
Trust- begins with honesty
Success- results through people

They are natural leaders who embrace succeeding through others, bottom-up leadership and building a team. They possess a track record of relationships. They are learning-based and view learning as the foundation of their action plan.
They also have a minimum 5-20 years real estate experience and are in the top 5% of their office. This individual also has very high goals and is looking for a vehicle to achieve those goals.

Please take a few minutes to watch these two videos about the Team Leader Opportunity and Team leader’s Big rocks.

The Team Leader opportunity:

The Team leader role is your path to more opportunity, ownership, equity and all of the future possibilities as Keller Willaims continues it’s rapid growth.

Who comes to mind?

Please forward this everyone you know that may be a candidate or can lead us to find the perfect leader for our office. Please forward confidentially via email to

Thank you,

Glenn McQueenie
Broker of Record/ owner / Operating Principal
Keller Williams Referred Realty

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About Glenn McQueenie

Glenn is the Operating Principal of Keller Williams Referred Realty and Broker of Record of Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty in Toronto. His first office was launched in 2004 and has now grown to over 230 agents in 2 offices. Glenn's passion is teaching, coaching and mentoring agents to help them get more referrals from their Sphere of Influence, converting more leads and getting additional transactions from every listing you take. Glenn is also committed to helping people have careers worth having, business worth owning and lives worth living.
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