What Home Buyers really want from a Real Estate Agent

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I was just reviewing some great research from The National Association Of Realtor’s “Home Buyer/Seller Profile 2011″. I encourage you to visit their site and buy the full report…but here are some interesting highlights:

What Buyers want from a Real Estate Agent?

55% -Help find the right home for them
13% -Help with price negotiations
12% -Help negotiate the other terms of the sale
7% -Show them what other comparables sold for
6% -Help with the paperwork
3% -Determine how much they can afford

How Buyers found their agent?

41% -were referred by a relative, friend or colleague
12% -Internet/Website
8% -met agent at public open house
6% -for sale sign
5% -were referred by another Realtor
4% -Relocation company
3% -contacted through prospecting efforts of Realtor

Most important factors when choosing an Real Estate Agent

30% -picked agent because they were honest and trustworthy
20% -reputation of agent
15% -agent was friend or family member
14% -knowledge of neighbourhood
13% -Agent was good listener and had a caring personality
3% -Agent’s association with particular firm

I hope you have gained some insight!

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Glenn McQueenie
Keller Williams Referred Realty
Toronto, Ontario

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