What Sellers Really Want From Their Real Estate Agent

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Just wanted to share a few more interesting items from the NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

How Sellers found their agent?

1. Referred by Friend, neighbour or relative 38%
2. Used agent previously to buy or sell home 23%
3. Referred through employer or relocation company 5%
4. Prospecting efforts of agent 4%
5. Saw open house or For Sale sign 4%
6. Visited open house and met agent 4%
7. Referred by another agent 4%
8. Internet/website 3%
9. Direct mail 2%
10. Walked into Real Estate office 2%

Number of agents contacted before selecting one to assist with sale of home

65% -contacted only one agent
20% -contacted/met with two agents
11% -met/contacted three agents
3% -met/contacted four agents
2% -contacted 5 or more

What sellers want the most from Real Estate Agents by level of service provided by Agent

1. Help sell within specific time frame 22%
2. Help Seller market home to potential buyers 21%
3. Help find buyer for home 19%
4. Help price home competitively 18%
5. help seller find ways to fix up and stage home 10%
6. Help with price negotiations 5%
7. Help with paperwork 3%

Most important factor when choosing an Real Estate Agent

1. Reputation of agent 37%
2. Agent is honest and trustworthy 19%
3. Agent is friend or family member 13%
4. Agent’s knowledge of the neighborhood 12%
5. Agent’s association with a particular firm 4%
6. Agent has caring personality/good listener 4%
7. Agents commission 3%
8. Agent seems accessible through technology and smartphone 3%
9. Professional designations held by agent 1%

The research shows that Sellers want to work with a Realtor that they already know, was referred too, or worked with previously. They also want to work with an agent that is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and is a good listener. They do not really care which company their Realtor works for, as they choose agents… not companies.

The world would be a better place if our colleagues understood what Buyers and Sellers really want from a Real Estate Agent. Then, they seek out and learn the proper skills, knowledge and training, in order to deliver this at a really high level .

I would love to hear your feedback.

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Glenn McQueenie
Keller Williams Referred Realty
Toronto, Ontario

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